Remarkable Movie Soundtracks

Music always has been, and always will be an integral part to every film. There’s no doubt that if selected well, soundtracks can thrust a film from good to brilliant. Who doesn’t remember buying the soundtrack to your favourite film, and reliving the feelings and emotions that you felt when you first watched it. There have been some epic combinations, whether it be scores written especially for a film, or brilliant curation, here’s a roundup of some favourites.

The Graduate

“I’d been listening to their album every morning in the shower before I’d go to work, and then one morning it just hit me: ‘Schmuck! This is your soundtrack!’” This is The Graduate director David Nichols’ answer when asked how he came about choosing now iconic ‘The Sound Of Silence’ as the accompaniment to his second film. The choice was seminal, with Simon & Garfunkel’s work becoming synonymous with the film. This was despite the fact that many of the songs on the soundtrack had been released prior to the film, but still resulted in a perfect pairing.

The Graduate Soundtrack Cover Art/ Phoebe Saatchi blog

The Graduate Soundtrack Cover Art



No much needs to be said about this score, it really does all the talking for itself. Without it, the film could have been a joke (minus that fantastic use of Dolly Zoom), but this simple alternation between two notes worked as the perfect build up of tension, taking the film to a whole new level. It’s arguable that this film might not have reached its hyper-iconic status without that unforgettable ‘dum dum, dum dum, dumdumdumdum…’



Iggy Pop, Primal Scream, Damon Albarn, New Order, Leftfield, Underworld… The list goes on, and they’re all in one place. This soundtrack is great. Great. It perfectly encapsulates the 90s BritPop era in perfect harmony with the film’s cult visuals.


Garden State

This is the ultimate indie film, which arrived hand in hand with the perfect indie soundtrack. The music chosen to accompany this beautifully angsty drama to many people was like an arrow right to the heart. You only need to google ‘Garden State Soundtrack’ and you can trawl through dozens and dozens of articles professing their love for, dissecting and fawning over the musical accompaniment to Zach Braff’s small budget film. It woke the hunger for indy music for many, and helped to pave the way for a new wave of folky, alternative sound.

Garden State Soundtrack Cover Art. Sony Music Soundtrax / Epic Records

Garden State Soundtrack Cover Art. Sony Music Soundtrax / Epic Records


Romeo + Juliet

Baz Luhrmann’s spectacular adaptation of the Shakespearean classic is perfectly complimented by the alternative, dirty rock infused soundtrack. Featuring Radiohead, Garbage and the Butthole Surfers, it is the Cardigans, with their uncharacteristically poppy tune ‘Love Me’ that has become the unforgettable sound to accompany this equally unforgettable film.


The Jungle Book

This has to be the greatest ever soundtrack to a Disney film. It’s a non-stop bluesy, swingy, jazzy symphony. The incredibly soulful and catchy ‘I Wan’na Be Like You’ is the sure fire hit, but often forgotten is the mesmerising ‘Trust In Me’ performed by Sterling Holloway. Produced alongside the film in 1967, it has stood the test of time and is sure to keep feet thumping for years to come.

The Jungle Book Original Cast Soundtrack Artwork, Walt Disney

The Jungle Book Original Cast Soundtrack Artwork, Walt Disney