Great Film Characters

Great film characters can become beacons of success for not only the actors who play them, but also the writers and directors who create and mould them.

Wednesday Addams:

Wednesday Addams, Paramount/ Phoebe Saatchi blog

Wednesday Addams, Paramount

Christina Ricci’s performance of Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family films are some of her best moments in front of the camera. From the raven plaits, to that sullen, morbid stare, she took the much loved character and made it her own.


The Tenenbaums

This is not technically one character, but this collective of quirky, odd and addictive personalities is as entertaining as it is unique. Formed of many of Wes Anderson’s regular troupe, including Own Wilson, Angelica Houston, Luke Wilson and Bill Murray, each character has it’s own hyper individual sense of self. My favourite fictional family.


Lisbeth Salander

Both Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara played this modern heroine brilliantly, but this character really is a tribute solely to Stieg Larsson, who created a female lead who was unbreakable, fearsome and emotional.  It is a breakthrough in the way women are portrayed in film, and her character highlights plight and prejudice.


Donnie Darko

Much like the whole film, Darko is confusing, unreachable and to an extent un-relatable, but this doesn’t stop him from captivating the viewers attention from start to finish in this bizarre and strangely uplifting Richard Kelly creation.


Lester Burnham

Kevin Spacey has a knack for making us love the characters we really should hate. We should hate him, but instead the monotonous, longing voiceover paired with his pitiful character make him irresistible.