Great Film Characters

Wednesday Addams, Paramount

Great film characters can become beacons of success for not only the actors who play them, but also the writers and directors who create and mould them. Wednesday Addams: Christina Ricci’s performance of Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family films are some of her best moments in front of the camera. From the raven plaits, to that… Read more »

Post Pop: East Meets West – The Saatchi Gallery

Charles Saatchi Art

Post Pop: East Meets West, at the Saatchi Gallery, is a comprehensive look at the journey of Pop Art, and the reasons behind it’s huge impact and influence on the art world throughout the 20th century. Consisting of a staggering 250 pieces of work from artists across the world, including the UK, Chine, Taiwan, the… Read more »

Question: Charles Saatchi

Charles Saatchi Question

Art collector and advertising guru Charles Saatchi is famously averse to doing interviews, however in this new volume, Question, Saatchi gives answers to over 100 pressing questions posed to him by journalists and the public alike, on topics ranging from music to drugs, and everything in between. Question gives an insight into the mind of… Read more »

Ken Loach Wins Palme D’Or at Cannes 2016

Charles Saatchi

Cannes 2016 has been the usual whirlwind of talent and celebrity, with Donald Sutherland, Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Paradis taking to the judging panel, it was Ken Loach and his most recent directorial efforts that took home the coveted Palme D’Or for his characteristically real and conscious drama, I, Daniel Blake, making him only the 9th filmmaker… Read more »

5 Museums to Visit in Europe

Charles Saatchi Art

Musee Du Louvre, Paris: Without a doubt one of Europe ‘s finest and most prestigious museums, and the world’s largest museum, situated in the romantic setting of the right bank of the river Seine, once housed the Louvre Palace, and it wasn’t until Louis XIV decided to move the permanent Royal residence to the Palace of… Read more »

Kim Il Tae: Artworld Maverick

Charles Saatchi Art

There’s something unique about Kim Il Tae ’s gold art, and that’s that it’s not gold leaf that Korean artist paints with, but pure gold.  He is the only artist in the world to create these sculptured gold canvasses and has received worldwide critical acclaim for his unique and laborious style, bringing traditional oriental styles… Read more »

Remarkable Movie Soundtracks

Music always has been, and always will be an integral part to every film. There’s no doubt that if selected well, soundtracks can thrust a film from good to brilliant. Who doesn’t remember buying the soundtrack to your favourite film, and reliving the feelings and emotions that you felt when you first watched it. There have been some… Read more »